Karnataka Minimum Wages 2012-13

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Karnataka Minimum Wages 2012-13

Karnataka Minimum Wages 2012-13, This PDF Document gives you the details information about Karnataka state minimum wages act 2012 2013. document also proving information for Method of Calculation of VDA in respect of all Scheduled Employments in Karnataka


  • To determine the daily rates of Wages, monthly wage shall be divided by 26 in order to pay weekly holiday wages in a month.
  • Paise to be rounded off to nearest 50 paise or to a Rupee.
  • If any employee/workmen works on the day of weekly off or on declared National & Festival holidays, he/she shall be paid double the rates of Minimum Wages.
  • If any employee/workmen works more than 8 hours in a day he/she shall be paid double the rates of Wages over & above 8 hours.
  • If any employee/workmen is receiving higher rates of wages over and above the minimum wages, shall continued to be paid such higher rates of Wages & increased variable dearness allowance (VDA) from time to time.
  • Employer has to pay the minimum rates of wages in the respective columns as prescribed in the respective minimum wages notifications.
  • For more details, you may refer the respective minimum wages notifications.

Download Link : Karnataka-Minimum-Wage-2012-2013.pdf

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